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Compaq Ipaq 3835 Drivers

Here are some comparisons for you to peruse:   Weight (w/o stylus or card) Height Width Thickness Screen Area iPAQ 3835/3850 6.3 oz (180g) 5.29" (13.44cm) 3.123" (7.94cm) .65" (1.66cm) 3.1" This is a version of Microsoft Windows designed for PDAs. There is a button on the back center that causes two little plastic pieces to spring up in the cradle slot. Side note: for those of you that don’t understand Compaq’s weird numbering system, the 3835 is the exact same model as a 3850. Check This Out

In fact, it would be better, because now I would have two expansion slots in a form factor that I was used to carrying, that in the past had only provided I have found that the center press button, though, is difficult to activate correctly, as you frequently press just a little off-center and rock it to one of the other directions. Julie and I were watching all the online retailers anxiously, looking for a fair price on the new iPAQs, but also trying to find a company that could actually get us A firm press on this will turn on or off the iPaq. check these guys out

The "black plastic hump" at the top of the iPAQ seems to function as a sort of mini-command center. I instead turn off the light sensor and set the level to be at the lowest level on battery and the brightest level when powered. I don’t plan on walking around and forcing my iPAQ to creak, so hopefully this will never be an issue for me. :0)  I find it simply amazing that Compaq was I am going to assume (which is always dangerous) that most of you reading this are somewhat familiar with most of the new features that Pocket PC 2002 offers, and therefore

The smaller of the two connects to the cradle. The bottom of the unit also has two connectors. The Pocket Internet Explorer reports that it is IE version 2.0 to web sites, and does not support Cascading Style Sheets. Accessories There are a variety of sleeves that the iPaq.

Guess what – whether I am just lucky, or whether Compaq has finally got it right – I didn’t have a single speck! It comes with a fair range of software including Pocket versions of Word and Excel. The larger one connects to expansion packs. It easily fits in a small hand.

Hopefully Microsoft will realize that this scheme is braindead and discontinue it at some point in the future. There are miscellaneous controls around the perimeter of the iPaq. Each come with an adapter that allows CF cards to be inserted into the PC Card slot. The screen size is 240x320, so one quarter of the smallest screen resolution you would typically find on a desktop machine, and far, far smaller than most screen resolutions you'd find

It would be really handy to be able to map a hardware button to a software button inside an application. Unlike the 3600 series, when you have the iPAQ’s backlight on, you do not see light escaping from any orifices – except for two tiny areas on either side of inside You’re basing your choice on looks?!?" Well no, not exactly, but I did vote with my credit card for the Pocket PC that I thought looked the coolest and that had Since neither of us actually has anything that uses Bluetooth™ it wasn’t a huge priority to get this model.

Two settings on the cable allow you to either sync to a laptop, or recharge the iPaq using the 5 volts that USB puts out. his comment is here On the lower front, are four buttons. After a hard disk crash, I had to reinstall it. Retail Packaging SKU 230398-002 Model Independent Specifications Feature Spec CPU Intel StrongARM SA1100 206Mhz processor 32-bit RISC ROM 32MB Flash Memory Slot Secure Digital (SD) Infrared Port IrDA standard, 115 Kb

It fits the bottom side of my left thumb comfortably, and with a minimum of effort I can flick through pages. I already had a 2GB Datapak PCMCIA card and a 512MB CF card. My 3800 is much brighter and "whiter screened" than my 3600.  With these pictures, it is rather hard to tell, so I guess this will fall under the "Your Mileage May this contact form This cable saves having to carry the cradle and wall-wart on trips.

They are sized to exactly fit the iPaq screen. I sometimes wonder whether it will show wear marks over the long haul, but I haven't noticed any so far. Smoothing them on without bubbles is a challenge.

The adapters also contain an additional rechargable battery, since PC Cards tend to draw a lot of power.

Other software includes a calculator, file explorer, Pocket Internet Explorer, Microsoft Reader, MSN Messenger, and Windows Media Player. Then there was the fact that in order to add any kind of storage media, I had to add the additional bulk of a sleeve. However, if you are looking for a shirt-pocket computer, this is a good place to start. But., I figured for only $50 more, I should go ahead and get it – just in case I ever got an accessory that had the capability.

This makes the buttons easier to find and push when playing games. This looks a little fragile, like it could break off if undue pressure were applied to it, such as if you jammed it onto the cradle at an odd angle, so I took this picture of my today screen, and while it’s not so obvious in this picture, in person there is a major difference. navigate here One of the first things you notice about the iPaq is the bright color screen. 64K color, frontlit.

For one, the 3835 feels just a tad thicker, and it is slightly longer. I highlighted Compaq’s measurements that varied from mine, in RED. Yet there were some things about the 3600 series iPAQ that dampened my ardent feelings. On the front top are two lights.

Still, the interface is clear and readable. I would love to say that when I flexed the case it held stiff, and I didn’t hear a peep, but that wouldn’t be true. This button placement, among other changes, makes the new iPAQ incompatible with the majority of the play-through cases available today: the bottom-most buttons are actually covered by the formerly custom cutouts I can also tell you that the multi-button press issues seem to have been resolved.

Model Dependent Specifications Model Memory Bluetooth Packaging SKU 3830 32MB SDRAM No Bluetooth U.S. It now sits in the middle of what can best be described as a black plastic hump. You carefully smooth it on with something like a credit card. The iPAQ 3800 series screen is still top-notch for viewing when outside in direct sunlight, but now it is even better when you are indoors.

It also has a connector to either the serial or USB port. The cradle has a connector to a standard wall-wart power module. I thought I would try to keep my options open, and I thought that I might even possibly start over with a new PDA. Amazingly enough, when weighed without styli or expansion cards, the 3835 actually weighs slightly less than the 3670!

The ActiveSync program that syncs with the PC seems to work well. Games look more vivid and colorful – I’m very pleased with the improvement.              iPAQ 3800                                                                 iPAQ 3600                iPAQ 3800                                                                 iPAQ 3600   Oddly enough, the new iPAQ’s backlight There is a standard mini-jack at the top of the unit, symetrically opposite the pen storage hole. Commercial Packaging SKU 230396-001 3835 64MB SDRAM No Bluetooth U.S.