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Sound wasn't working but not until i had updated it. No wifi, no good graphic and also the system runs rather slowly.Someone know better OS rather Ubuntu without any problem?? I'm searching how to solve this problem. But the problem occurs at the shutdown process. have a peek at this web-site

Probe mi notebook con Fedora 11 y con Opensuse 11.1. VonlisT, 2010/02/17 17:38 In a terminal put: cat /proc/asound/versionWith this you get the alsa version, if you has the 1.0.20 version i dont have idea what is the problem. In screen properties i've “Unknown monitor” I've tried to configure Xorg but no results Ole Nielsen, 2009/10/31 06:34 How did you manage to install Ubuntu 9.10 on the HP Compaq 610?I So I reinstalled Ubuntu 10.10.

Compaq 610 Drivers

Specifications For full specifications see the HP-Compaq 610 specifications page. Nice non-glare display, lightweight, the only thing I can think of that could be improved is that it doesn't have a suspend or a reset button. Can anybody suggest the best distro for this and what can i do for that hanging problem?? I cannot do my work without internet.

Right now I am using it with no problem at all. Seehttp://swiss.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=8203042#post8203042 RegardsOle Nielsen buzon, 2009/10/03 18:27 Sound works in Ubuntu 9.04 only after upgrading alsa to 1.0.20 http://monespaceperso.org/blog-en/2009/05/09/upgrade-alsa-1020-on-ubuntu-jaunty-904/ Display doesn't work in OpenSuse 11.1 Ole Nielsen, 2009/10/31 06:33 How did you La pantalla no funcionaba.En fedora 11, la resolucion era de 800×600 y en O.Suse (Modo Safe) 1024×768 la maximaAhora tengo ubuntu 9.04 a 1366×768, pero no funciona la acelaracion grafica…Por lo Compaq 610 Wifi Drivers For Windows 7 Free Download wicd was not required but it handles wifi cards (and wired connections) much better.

sound is not supported by mint 7 linux. Compaq 610 Specs Arjen, 2011/02/20 09:00 Hi everybody, now i'm using Pardus Linux 2011(64 bit) on my Compaq 610 laptop (Works Great), I think it's more users friendly then Ubuntu 10.04 Lts(64 bit). adrian, 2009/10/12 01:44 What do yo do to make the display work? I can't get Fedora 12 to even boot - whether live cd (i686), live usb, or install DVD (i386).

And while sound works out the box, webcam doesn't. Compaq 610 Price Is there anybody that got 4GB of memory working? Challenging i am facing is to do with wireless, Bluetooth and webcam. how to get the sound package for that mint linux (os).

Compaq 610 Specs

Whereas I have to use Buttons for left double click. publito, 2010/07/25 14:46 i use Xubuntu Unfortunately the bluetooth device does not work .. Compaq 610 Drivers This is the only problem I had with Ubuntu.openSUSE 11.3 is a total mess. Compaq 610 Drivers For Windows 10 PS: Sorry for my english :D Adrian, 2009/10/27 00:04 Hi!Could you copy/paste your file /etc/X11/xorg.conf please?thanks!

roshan, 2010/03/11 13:20 it has overheating problem…. choolake, 2010/09/01 08:29 can anyone please help me to find webcam driver package for compaq 610 !!!!!!!!!! fore says that this is non-existent Jagan, 2010/05/18 09:52 Recently i have purchased HP cq610 sd and wifi is not at all detecting. Any?:) samabababa, 2011/02/27 10:42 same thing happen to me, I had to go and claim warranty, they took more than 3weeks to get me back my laptop. Compaq 610 Drivers For Windows 8 64 Bit

Debian-based distros like Ubuntu, Mint and Debian itself don't seem to work too well on the Compaq 610, as there are sound issues and such. Waisy, 2011/05/27 11:27 Hie Everyonei Just installed Ubuntu 10.10 on my Compaq 610 and i'm amazed. I've installed Ubuntu successfully, and the wireless doesn't work - which is the whole point of a laptop imo. This page is just for discussing using Linux on the HP-Compaq 610.

will, 2011/11/27 05:04 Yes, opensuse 12.1 work well vishal baghel, 2011/10/07 16:44 I want to know that is Compaq 610 is compatible with 5.0 sound speakers or Is their any option Compaq 610 Drivers For Windows 10 64 Bit Arjen, 2010/07/02 23:17 Hi everybody, i have also a HP Compaq 610 and i installed Ubuntu 10.04 Lts (64 bit) on it and it works perfect. Driver is installed and all is perfect except that.

Only problem I am facing is that MousePad drivers are not there.

wifi not detectedwebcam not detectedgraphics ok but not excellent. Arjen, 2010/07/16 15:26 I can't seem to get more than 2GB of memory working in my compaq 610, according to the specifications it should be max 4GB. Any solutions? Hp Compaq 610 Release Date still the wifi thing is not working /thanx amlan, 2010/03/12 08:25 can one enhance the graphics quality for compaq 610 FD laptop?

Welcome to LinLap - The Linux Laptop Wiki Home Laptops Submit a Laptop Manufacturers Acer Asus Dell HP Lenovo Panasonic Samsung Sony Toshiba Other Guides on LinWik.com General CentOS Debian Fedora the unic problem is the low duration battery with 2.6.38 kernel :/ the patch to solve this just add some minutes to duration, but nothing awesome. And you better not use your touch pad much. The sound is functioning.Any suggestions?

i only needed to replace the gnome network manager with wicd (find it in google, add to apt sources.list and install from package manager). Daniel, 2010/05/12 18:31 Just installed Gentoo, works flawlessly! Sergey Nizovtsev, 2009/09/13 10:33 I've tested this laptop under Ubuntu 9.04 Linux Compatibility Processor: WorksScreen: WorksOptical Drive: WorksGraphics: WorksSound: Works after upgrading alsa to 1.0.20(https://launchpad.net/~ricotz/+archive/testing)Ethernet: WorksWireless: WorksBluetooth: Works56K Modem: Not testedUSB: Hiru, 2011/02/20 03:12 Hey!Compaq 610 works fine with both Ubuntu 10.10 and 10.04.

Goca, 2011/02/26 20:03 hi, I have laptop hq compaq 610 and I have a little problam. VonlisT, 2009/10/31 18:40 I installed ubuntu 9.10 in this machine and the video is very very slow (i have to much problems to run ubuntu 9.04, the blackscreen at the boot), Bucky, 2010/01/12 11:52 I have sound out of the left speaker only, webcam buggy on Cheese.